The Story of a Catalog Cover
(image editing and compositing)

This is how the 2004 Rossi Catalog Cover
went from loose idea to final art.

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This is the final cover as it was printed.

We started with a loose idea from this photo taken while walking around one day. The logs and the rolling background gave us an idea for the catalog cover that would allow us to have an outdoor look while still showing lots of products. The initial concept was to lay the firearms on split logs or old railroad ties. This did not prove out well, since it would involve putting the rifles on the ground, which would not be consistent with hunting practice.

However, it did give us the idea for the final concept.

We found this location for the actual shoot. Our original intent was to build the entire thing and photograph it in one piece. Unfortunately, the city had a problem with us building a fence in the park - let alone the rifles!


Since we could not build our fence in the actual park, we built it in studio, complete with rocks, plants, grass and rifles. It was photographed on a white background to make editing easier. We matched our lighting angles to the sun angle of our exterior shot.

The 2 photos were then edited together in PhotoShop with attention to seams and details. The center vertical rail is positioned to fall on the bind as the cover wraps around. The sky and far bushes were color corrected to be more vibrant and attention getting. The far bushes were then pushed to a blue glow look to add distance and depth. The firearms were detail edited for perfection and shadows were added where appropriate to create the look of an outdoor shoot.


All of which left us with a great catalog cover and a split-rail fence! The catalog was a huge hit, and we are still not sure what to do with the fence.

The entire process from idea to final art was completed in just over 1 week.
Photography by Mike Zimmerman.
Design assistance by Shari-Lynn Fix and Danielle Dutcher.
Editing assistance by Carole Walsh.
Final printing by Crooks Printing.

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